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What Are Salts?

Most people will be able to tell you what salt is. A bunch of clear granules that we use to make our food taste.

The Beginning of Everything - The Big Bang

The beginning of everything, the big bang, the idea that the universe was suddenly born and is not infinite up to the middle of the 20th century. Most scientists thought of the universe as infinite and ageless until Einstein's theory of relativity gave us a better understanding of gravity and Edwin Hubble discovered that galaxies are moving apart from one another in a way that fits previous predictions.

Evrenin Bugüne Kadar Üretilmiş En Gerçekçi Simülasyonu!

bu gördüğünüz on mega partisi, yani üç yüz milyon kere trilyon kilometrelik bir mesafede evrenin oluşumunu gösteren bir simülasyon. Bugüne kadar yapılmış en detaylı, en gerçekçi evren simülasyonları ndan birisi.